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I am an Empathic Psychic Medium Channel

Are you looking for guidance? Do you feel stuck? Do you wonder why you keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Do you need help in makes your life’s decisions or finding your true love? Contact me, and let me help you find the happiness that you deserve to have!

A note from one of my clients. “Dear Gwen, My mind was rattling around for weeks trying to make a major decision so I finally knew I had to speak with you. You not only provided me with concrete steps to take – you were warm and caring. And I appreciate that my father came through as one of my guides. I am in awe of how you provided details that only I knew. The short meditation prior to the reading was a relaxing gift. Thank you and I will call you again to ensure I am on course to living my successful life” (Satisfied Client).

A little information about me

As an empathic psychic medium channel, I have the ability to connect with you on a soul level. I also connect with your guides, angels, and loved ones from the other side. All of your guides and guardian angels want you to find your happiness and be happy. Contact me, and let me help you make sense of the energy that is all around you.

My specialty is transpersonal psychology, and I want to help you get unstuck, so that you can move forward on your soul’s journey. I am a metaphysician & spiritual consultant who has studied many subjects: Mediumship, Advanced Angel Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki (Reiki Master), Tarot, Astrology, Herbalism, Horticulture and Nutritional Cooking. I have been doing readings, studying alternative medicine, and doing healing work for many years now!

The Foundation of my teachings is Shamanic in nature, but with a very eclectic slant based on many teachings. I have many tools in my tool bag and will use whatever is appropriate when reading people. My “Soul’s Mission” is to help people get unstuck so that they can move forward on their journeys. As a conscious channel I work with a guide who I call Archangel Michael. I resonate with Michael, because he helps me to cut through to the truth of what needs to be done in this lifetime.

My book “Living Your Successful Life” is about transpersonal psychology and my personal spiritual journey to finding my truth. This book also guides you (the reader) through the different aspects of your “SELF” through observations in awareness, self-realization and meditations.

I am proud to announce that I have

published my PDF Psychic Development Book

Living Your Successful Life!

The PDF Book is now available for purchase…

Along with the book, there is a set of

7  Audio Meditations (MP3 format)

 *** The meditations are also written out in the book, so the MP3’s are not mandatory, but they are convenient to have.

This is a book about conscious living, the laws of attraction, and the philosophy of metaphysics! Real people like you can create the life that you have always wanted by learning how take control of your world through psychic development, conscious living, and working with Your Personal Team. I will help you to demystify the laws of attraction, by teaching you the philosophy behind our non-physical world in plain English.

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Disclaimer on Refunds

Because I put so much time and effort into each and every reading that I do, I do not give refunds. I recommend that you listen to the reading again. Spirit wanted you to get that specific message at that specific time for a reason. You may have wanted to hear one thing, but spirit will always tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Remember Archangel Michael is the angel of truth and I am but the messenger…

Bright Blessings, Gwen Houghton