Living Your Successful Life is a Psychic Development Book

This book starts out with a little about me and my history. Then there is a transcript of the channeling session that I did while I was living in Sedona Arizona. This channeling session was a pivotal point for me, and I began piecing together the system of consciously meeting the different aspects of my being.

My Journey to Self-Knowledge

The big aha moment came when I got the information that I was the only one in charge of my reality! Yup, Real people like you and I can create the life that we have always wanted, by learning how to take control of our world through education and conscious living.

I have learned that this can be achieved by demystifying the laws of attraction, learning the philosophy behind metaphysics in plain English, and working with our Personal Team. The key to your successful life starts with making conscious balanced decisions, by knowing how the energy around you affects your life, and how you affect it in a positive way, by becoming self-empowered.

living your successful life book

A Metaphysical Journey To Finding Your Truth

The second half of this book is a culmination of my Metaphysical Studies at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. These teachings that I have developed are the called Living Your Successful Life and are based on the dissertation that I wrote that received me a doctrine as Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences.

Throughout these teachings, I will be guiding you on the journey to self-knowledge. You will formally meet Your Personal Team one member at a time. You will get to know who you really are, by meeting these different aspects of yourself through guided visualizations and observation. By being aware of, and consciously retraining these players, you start to take control of your life, and player by player you start creating your cohesive team. In effect, you are learning how take control of your life, and create the world that you really want, by learning how to de-mystify your world one body at a time.

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