A Little About Me

Metaphysician, Psychic, Medium, Channel and Herbalist

I have a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences. I am a Psychic, Medium who channels Archangel Michael and other nonphysical beings for the purpose doing Soul Readings. I am a Spiritual Counselor, Advanced Angel Healing Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Herbalist. I have been doing readings and healing work for over 15 years now but my abilities stretch from childhood. The foundation of my teachings is Shamanic in nature but with a very eclectic slant based on many teachings. I have many tools in my tool bag and will use whatever is appropriate when Reading, Teaching and facilitating in Healing.

My Spiritual Journey Started When I Was Very Young

As a very young child I felt that I was different. When I found Metaphysics I no longer felt alone or different. I pursued all the teachings that I could find to hone in on my skills.

I have a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences. My focus is in Transpersonal Psychology which is psychology of the self. I  use this knowledge that I have acquired combined with my psychic skills to help others become empowered and continue moving further on their journey to enjoying a  Successful Life. This is how you can become truly healed in this lifetime!

arizona mountains

I lived in Sedona Arizona for 9 months in my pursuit of my spiritual destiny.  I returned home to NH a changed being. I did most of my classes at Misty Meadows. Christopher Penczak has been my primary teacher of Shamanic studies as well as tarot reading, stones, astrology, and other metaphysical studies.

I’ve done the Herbal Apprenticeship with Wendy Snow Fogg at Misty Meadows and have taken countless other classes there.

I have also taken several classes with Elizabeth Foley, Advanced angel practitioner and others.

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My Intention

Is to show people how to look through a different set of lenses at the world around us. I have found that at this time people are shifting very quickly. They are confused and looking for some spiritual insight. I have been studying metaphysics for many years and see the great shifts that our people and our planet are going through. I work with people in realizing that all this change is for our highest good and work with them so that they can unlock and realize their full potential. I have many tools in my tool bag and use whatever is fitting for my clients.

Balance is the Key and there are many facets to these human bodies that we have been blessed to receive in this lifetime.

Come Join Me and Start the Journey of Your Life!

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