There will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Friday February 10, 2017 at 7:34 pm EST.

Leo wants to have fun, play and be joyful. Being in opposition to the Sun in Aquarius feels like a strain. The urge to do what brings us joy (moon in Leo), versus the analytical thoughts to do, that which will sustain us as a group.

The Full Moon represents endings, which sets us free for those new beginnings of the New Moon in two weeks! It is time to let go of that which is psychologically holding us back from living our individual joy.

The Lunar Eclipse is asking us to look at the relationship that we have with life. The light of the Full Moon helps us to see what is usually hidden in our subconscious, then we get to see ourselves without that “relationship” as the moon is eclipsed. When the light of the moon returns, we have the opportunity to analyze how we felt when that “person, job, or whatever” was gone (not there).

Did you feel happy?

Were you sad?

Were you angry?

Did you get scared?

Did you get exited?

Be truthful, thoughtful and have compassion for yourself as you answer these questions. The Sun in Aquarius gives us the unique opportunity to stand back and look at these questions objectively.

Remember, finding your truth and finding your joy is the most important thing in this universe.

There is no time for the martyr. The martyr is the ego in disguise and holds you back from living your truth. The moon in Leo wants to play and have fun. But if not allowed, can become angry and vengeful and lash out at others, as they mirror the prison that we put ourselves in. Our outward anger represents the frustration that we feel about the decisions that we made, that got us to where we are. Once we get over that, and let that go (whatever “that” is), we can move forward and move on! Until then, we hold ourselves captive in our own little world, that which we call our mind.

I see this thought process as being very practical and necessary! When we go within the interior self and find our truth, we have a more objective view of the outside world. We are all but actors in this world and the more confident we are in who we are, the more successful we are when we walk out onto that stage called life.

In a practical sense, if you are feeling stifled by a person, place, or thing, you may feel the urge to break out. If this has already happened, then this is the perfect opportunity to start plotting and planning on what to do next. This Full Moon energy can assist us in bringing our emotions to the table in a practical and pragmatic way.

The sun is heading toward Pisces and will move from innovative and rebellious Aquarius on February 18. The sun then moves into the mystical and magical sign of Pisces, which is the last sign in the zodiac. Therefore, Pisces represents the culmination of the 12 solar cycles of the chart. That’s why this upcoming month is so mystical and magical! This is the end of the end, which means it is the beginning of the beginning that we have our sights set on with laser focus.

Bright Blessings, Gwen Houghton