Full Moon Scorpio May 10, 2017 at 5:42 pm EDT

Sun in Taurus until May 20, 2017

Mercury in Aries has stationed direct

Venus in Aries has stationed direct

North Node moves into Leo on May 10, 2017

South Node moves into Aquarius May 10, 2017

We still have the Sun in Taurus until May 20, 2017. The Taurus energy is persistent, it is also about belonging, and is the owner, gardener, provider and builder. The Taurus energy urges us to get out and appreciate nature and our innate creativity. This Fixed Taurus energy represents a concentrated energy that is gathered inward toward a center or radiating outward from a center. Taurus is the epitome of earth energy and is very grounding. This earth energy brings into focus what it is that we are wanting to put into physical form.

Combine this with the fiery Full Moon in Scorpio and watch the spark of life explode into a full-on vision of your evolution. Your physical reality is being shaped right in front of your eyes. Do you like what you see, or is it time to make that change that you have been thinking of for many months or even many years? Take this opportunity to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and let it lead you into a new and exciting chapter in your life.

I say that because for Scorpio, the key words are empowerment and surrender. Scorpio is the investor, inventor, researcher, alchemist and shaman. The mutable energy of Scorpio correlates with flexibility and constant change, and may be conceived as spiralic patterns of energy. We may be remembering experiences form our past, so that we can see the contrast between what we want and what we have learned that we don’t want. The Fire energy of Scorpio expresses the warming, radiating, energizing life principle which can manifest as enthusiasm, faith, encouragement, and the drive to express the self. So, you see that this is one of the most powerful Full Moons of the year. It will set the tone for the year to come.

Mercury and Venus are finally moving direct; this will add momentum to the already fiery earth energy that is combined with the Sun in Taurus, and the Moon in Scorpio. The energy moves like molten lava spewing from the volcano, taking out everything in its path. In this powerful time, you may see that which does not serve you any longer, be gone in a flash.  This is a good thing!

Mercury started in Taurus back in late April, and retrograded back into Aries. This is where it will be at the Full Moon in Scorpio. This Mercury in Aries energy is urging us to make quick decisions as we have been feeling like some unseen force has been holding us back. But wait, we are still in Mercury’s shadow, so we still may not have all the information that we need to move forward with. If you can wait to make a decision, then wait until after May 20, 2017 when Mercury moves back into Taurus and is out of retrograde.  

Venus in Aries has also been retrograde since January. It started in Pisces (the sea of delusional love where we can see all possibilities), and then went into fiery get real Aries, only to go back into Pisces in April. Venus finally stationed direct mid-April and moved back into Aries and will finally be out of shadow by May 18, 2017. I feel like I was talking about this back in January, oh ya… I was! This energetically has been a roller-coaster ride for the heart space. What should I do? I can see all the possibilities! Should I stay or should I go? The list goes on whether it’s a job, career, relationship, buying or selling a home. Anything that is close to your heart has been susceptible since January 2017. But all this contemplating has brought us to where we are now. You should feel as though you have weeded out what you do want in your life and what you don’t want. By the way, this is a very important step in the beginning phase of manifesting. Because indecision will create chaos, you will manifest that. Get that crap out of your life that no longer serves you, and bring in this beautiful new energy. Be free and have no fear!

The last thing to talk about is the Nodes shifting from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius on May 18, 2017. The nodes are said to relate to our past lifetimes that we are trying to move away from (South Node), and our destiny which we want to move toward (North Nodes). That is why I keep harping on the fact that this is such an important time for manifesting and moving forward. It’s like there is a big energetic push to get us to move into this new energy. Even though everyone is born with their nodes in different places, we are all feeling the nodal shift and can take advantage of the energy in our own unique way.

Just think about what you have been contemplating on that is holding you back somehow. These thoughts could be very subtle, so they may pop up when you are just on the edge of waking and sleeping. I call this the in-between time when we can be conscious of our soul thoughts. These thoughts are the influence of the nodes and other subtle energies. Try to write down these thoughts as soon as you wake up, and meditate on these thoughts if you have to, or just take the time to notice your life patterns that no longer serve you. These are the things that your soul is urging you to change.

Well this is what I have for today! Like you, I am going through many shifts and changes. I am happy and blessed to be part of your life energy and I wish you all the best. If you want more insight on maneuvering through this energy, email me to set up a reading.

Until the next time, I wish you the brightest of blessings. 

~Gwen Houghton