There will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on

Sunday February 26th, 2017 at 9:58am EST

It’s all about Pisces baby! This lines us up for the perfect storm!

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, thus representing the end of the astrologers year. The Pisces energy allows us to bring closure and is a culminating energy, so there is an ending of sorts. The Pisces energy also represents the divine laws that are shown to us through our dualistic reality. Pisces is often representative of the wounded healer. Put simply, we are shown both sides of the story so that we can make a decision based on all the information shown. This insinuation is that some information was hidden from us in the past cycle.

We have the Sun, Moon, South Node, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron all in Pisces.

If Pisces is about the shaman then Chiron is about the master. The universe it telling us that we are the only ones who can heal ourselves by changing our thought patterns and Chiron is teaching us that we are the only ones who can make us the master of our own destiny.

The Sun is about creation, and life. The sun is needed to makes things grow.

The New Moon is Dark and represents the birthing of something new.

The Solar Eclipse amplifies the New Moon Energy and can often come in the form of heightened intuition and emotions.

Couple this with the South Node in Pisces and we will surely be asked to look at relationships as the mirror to our soul.

This Cosmic Karma Soup is meant to kick us in the butt and make us look at our own life first, then try to understand how it relates to the outside world.

The trouble with this energy is that Neptune is allowing us to see the big picture and EVERYTHING in it. This allows us to see all, and at the same time puts a burden on our backs to be the change that we want, need and desire.

The realization that Pisces teaches us that it is really all about the individual.

So the questions that I have for you are:

How do you see your life playing out?

How are you going to go about getting to were you want to go?

This energy can scare the shit out of us and make us retreat into ourselves. But as the planets march towards Aries, we know that deep inside there is going to be change. It is time to step it up and be the change that you want to see and the change that we want to be.

Chiron was in Pisces from March 26, 1960 to January 30, 1969, so anyone born around this time-frame is going through there Chiron in Pisces Return. More recently, Chiron has been in Pisces since April 2010, and will move into Aries in April of 2018. This is why this is the end of the end. Because when Chiron goes into Aries, there will be the new beginnings that we are all anticipating next year around this time.

This is what Eric Francis says about Chiron in Pisces in the 1960’s. “Whatever else may have been going on astrologically — such as the Uranus/Pluto conjunction across the universe in Virgo — Chiron in Pisces was witness to, and is a sigil of, one of the most extraordinary periods of history remembered by a living person today”.

Bright Blessings, Gwen Houghton